Why Do I Need to Wash My Hands?

Why Do I Need to Wash My Hands?

“Did you wash your hands?” what percentage times did you hear that today? most likely loads. however why area unit adults therefore adorned informed hand washing? Why area unit they therefore taken with with lather?

Washing your hands is that the best thanks to stop germs from spreading. admit all of the items that you simply touched nowadays — from the phonephone to the bathroom. perhaps you blew your nose in a very tissue so went outside to dig round the dirt.

Whatever you probably did nowadays, you came into contact with germs. it is simple for a germ on your hand to finish up in your mouth. admit what percentage foods you eat together with your hands.

You can’t wear rubber gloves all day long, however you’ll be able to wash your hands therefore those germs do not get an opportunity to create you or somebody else sick.

So once area unit the most effective times to clean your hands?

when your hands area unit dirty
before intake or touching food (like if you are serving to cook or bake, for example)
after victimization the lavatory
after processing your nose or coughing
after touching pets or different animals
after enjoying outside
before and once visiting a sick relative or friend
Now you’ve got the once and therefore the why of hand laundry. however did you recognize that loads of individuals do not know the way to get their paws utterly clean?

The next time you are told to boost up to the sink and lave, keep in mind these handy hints:

Use heat or cold (not hot) water once you wash your hands.
Use no matter soap you wish. Some soaps are available cool shapes and colours or smell nice, however no matter kind gets you cleansing is that the kind you ought to use. medicinal drug soaps area unit okay to use, however regular soap works fine.
Work up some lather on either side of your hands (front and back!), your wrists, and between your fingers. remember to clean around your nails. this is often one place germs wish to hide. Wash for concerning ten to fifteen seconds — concerning however long it takes to sing “Happy Birthday.” (Sing it quickly twofold or simply once if you go nice and slow.)
Rinse and dry well with a clean towel.

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