How retailers can succeed in the era of anonymised using a simple science behind digital marketing

How retailers can succeed in the era of anonymised using a simple science behind digital marketing

In feb 19 2021,digital marketing is shaken at its core due to covid 19 situation.The challenge has become bigger than ever because everyone is forced to a new normal and also force to make income from other source such as employment.Its also crucial for us to create new bussiness to replace that income source.whatever bussiness it marketing is a mountain to conquer. But with a simple understanding,we can truly conquer it

The adtech giants – Google, Amazon, Facebook – look set to become even more powerful in 2021 thanks to their ability to provide an increased level of targeting options within their tools. Digital marketers who want to win new customers must focus on realising the potential of these tools and working with these platforms.

Google is in some ways the most advanced in delivering a scalable solution for cross-channel media-buying teams. Using artificial intelligence, Google processes huge volumes of anonymised profiles to generate aggregated insights for ad targeting. They can accurately track across publishers, devices and even offline channels. From this they extrapolate to the entire population, applying machine learning or more traditional online polling.

These audience aggregation capabilities may appear to be similar to Nielsen’s panel-based measurement model. But this really is digital marketing on steroids. It allows retailers to leverage the tech brands’ enormous identity graphs and universal app tracking capabilities. And because their identity graphs are vast and data collection in real-time, the final estimate is not only accurate, but most of all, granular and actionable – the two main limitations of traditional panel-based systems.


By Using their ads service we can leverage our time and effort in a pinch. The ads can go all across the globe but be sure to target the right person who really need your service and product.

Why Is Marketing Data Analysis Critical?

If you look at the old way of doing business before the internet, we would have had a physical store and advertised in a newspaper, for example. As people would come into our store, we might have a feeling they found our store via the newspaper ad but we couldn’t be sure.

Today, we can measure everything very precisely. If somebody comes into our eCommerce store, we can see which products they look at, and, most importantly, whether and what they purchase. Then we can backtrack and find out where that customer came from.

If we have Facebook campaigns running, it’s possible to know exactly which Facebook campaign the customer came from and which ad they clicked on. We can say, “This ad brought us X sales, X conversions,” and then optimize that ad or allocate more budget to it.

That’s really the gist of marketing optimization: gathering data to improve your campaigns, ads, website, and overall company.

Julian acknowledges that the technical installation aspect of tracking codes, the vocabulary associated with analytics, and the sheer number of tables and graphs available in Google Analytics can feel overwhelming. The key to avoiding that is knowing what your goal is before you go into Google Analytics.


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